Immigration in the News

In January President Donald Trump assumed presidential office. With any new President, the administration and political climate changes. We at The Law Office of Stephanie Grewe, LLC understand the fears and uncertainty that many of our clients are facing now. Although we do not have a crystal ball to see how immigration is changing, we are committed to ensuring that we safeguard our clients best interests in any of their immigration matters. We encourage everyone to work with a qualified immigration attorney, to ask questions, and to remain calm and understanding. If you have any questions about your immigration case, or how things are evolving in the United States we encourage you to call for an initial consultation. We are offering low cost initial consultations for anyone who has fears about their immigration case, and we always offer payment plans.

Prayer for the Immigrant 

O Jesus, who in the very first days of Thine earthly life wast compelled,  together with Mary,  Thy loving Mother,  and Saint Joseph,  to leave Thy native land and to endure in Egypt the misery and discomforts of poor emigrants,  turn Thine eyes upon our brethren,  who, far away from their dear country  and from all that is dear to them,  are not infrequently constrained to struggle  with the difficulties of a new life,  and who are likewise often exposed to grave dangers  and snares for their immortal souls.
Be Thou their guide in their uncertain journey,  their help in trouble,  their comfort in sorrow;  keep them safe in their faith,  holy in their lives,  and faithful to their children,  their wives, and their parents;  grant, O Lord, that we may be able to embrace them affectionately  once more in their native land,  and hereafter to live inseparably united to them  at the foot of Thy throne in our heavenly country.

Office Hours

The Law Office of Stephanie Grewe, LLC is pleased to offer weekend and evening appointments. We understand that our clients work hard, and there are often times that you may have serious questions and concerns. We are here to help you, and want to make sure all of your questions are answered. We accept appointments Sunday through Thursday 10:00am- 6:00pm. Please feel free to call with questions or concerns during our office hours.


Office Closed

The Law Office of Stephanie Grewe, LLC  will be closed July 27, 2015 and July 28, 2015 for staff training and retreat. If you have an emergency please call our office at 303.880.4365. Thank you, our office will reopen on July 29, 2015 at 9:00am.


La Officina Legal De Stephanie Grewe, LLC se cerrará 27 de julio 2015 y el 28 de julio 2015 para la capacitación del personal y la retirada. Si usted tiene una emergencia por favor llame a nuestra oficina al 303.880.4365. Gracias, nuestra oficina se reabrirá el 29 de julio de 2015 a las 9:00 am.

Office closed

The Law Office of Stephanie Grewe, LLC will be closed July 3, 2015 through July 5, 2015 for the U.S. Independence Holiday. We will reopen on Monday, July 5, 2015 at 9:00am.

If you are a current client, and have an emergency, please call your legal assistant assigned to your case. If you have a legal question please call our main office number, and we will return your call on Monday July 5, 2015.

Thank you and have a blessed Holiday weekend.


La Oficina legal de Stephanie Grewe, LLC se cerrará 03 de julio 2015 - 05 de julio 2015 por los EE.UU. Independencia de vacaciones. Vamos a reabrirá el Lunes, 05 de julio 2015 a las 9:00
Si usted es un cliente actual, y tiene una emergencia, llame por favor su asistente legal asignado a su caso.
Gracias y que tengan un fin de semana de vacaciones bendita.

Prayer for Nepal

Loving God,

We pray for all those affected by the earthquake in Nepal as we offer the words of the psalmist, “Be strong and take heart, all who hope in the Lord” (Psalm 31:25).

May those who are paralyzed by fear …
Be strong and take heart

May those who have lost or are still searching for loved ones …
Be strong and take heart

May those who remain trapped under rubble …
Be strong and take heart

May those rescue workers who provide relief and recovery …
Be strong and take heart

May those who are moved with compassion to help …
Be strong and take heart

God, whose love knows no bounds,
comfort all those who suffer.
And may all those who have died rest eternally in your loving presence.
We ask all this through Christ, our Lord. Amen

February 17, 2015

On February 17, 2014 the United States Citizen and Immigration Service announced that previous plans to begin accepting expanded DACA applications was temporally interrupted (stopped). Expanded DACA applications will not be accepted as previously intended.

Additionally plans to implement the new program, DAPA, have also been interrupted.

It is uncertain at this time when these two new programs, Expanded DACA, and DAPA will be implemented. The Law Office of Stephanie Grewe, LLC continues to monitor regulations, and laws. As we learn more information we will keep you informed. If you have a current appointment with our law office we encourage you to keep your appointment.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call us at 303.880.4365 or

The interruption does not affect the current DACA program. If you believe you qualify for any of these programs, and have questions please call The Law Office of Stephanie Grewe, LLC.

A Warning

On November 20, 2014 President Obama announced some administrative changes to the immigration system.

There is no application process yet for these reforms.

The only expanded DACA has been announced.

If you have any questions please call the law office of Stephanie Grewe. LLC.


How to Protect yourself from Fraud

With the new policy announcement on November 20, 2014 the face of U.S. Immigration policy is changing.

Don’t become a victim of dishonest immigration consultants often known as “notarios.” Immigration consultants, notaries public, and notarios cannot represent you in the immigration process. These people—especially notarios—prey on immigrants, often from the same ethnic community as the notarios themselves.

An attorney has to have a license from a state bar association.

Don’t believe anyone who tells you that there is already a new immigration relief program in place. Don’t trust anyone who says that they can guarantee you a work permit, visa or a green card. If you suspect fraud, report it to your consulate or the police.

The Attorney and Staff at The Law office of Stephanie Grewe, LLC keeps up to date with Immigration policy, laws, and procedure to help you.

Stephanie Grewe,ESQ. is a licensed attorney  in Nebraska and Colorado and is eligible to practice United States Immigration Law in front of All Immigration Courts and with the United States Department of Homeland Security.  Check with your local Attorney regulation board to determine if the person you are working with is a licensed attorney.

Contact The Law Office of Stephanie Grewe, LLC. to speak about your case.


El abogado que te ayude debe tener un título de la barra de abogados de algún estado.

No le creas a alguien que te diga que ya hay un nuevo programa de inmigración. No confíes en alguien que te diga que te puede garantizar un permiso de trabajo, una visa o una tarjeta de residencia/mica. Si sospechas fraude, repórtalo a tu consulado o a la policía.






November 20,2014


President Obama outlined his plan for millions of undocumented immigrants in the United States this evening. We encourage you to call the Law Office of Stephanie Grewe, LLC. to help you navigate this exciting and swiftly changing immigration policy.

Do you have questions about what is happening today? Do you have questions on how President Obama’s speech will affect you personally? Do you know someone who will benefit from President Obama’s speech on immigration? Please call The Law Office of Stephanie Grewe, LLC to get answers to your questions.
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