How to Protect yourself from Fraud

With the new policy announcement on November 20, 2014 the face of U.S. Immigration policy is changing.

Don’t become a victim of dishonest immigration consultants often known as “notarios.” Immigration consultants, notaries public, and notarios cannot represent you in the immigration process. These people—especially notarios—prey on immigrants, often from the same ethnic community as the notarios themselves.

An attorney has to have a license from a state bar association.

Don’t believe anyone who tells you that there is already a new immigration relief program in place. Don’t trust anyone who says that they can guarantee you a work permit, visa or a green card. If you suspect fraud, report it to your consulate or the police.

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Stephanie Grewe,ESQ. is a licensed attorney  in Nebraska and Colorado and is eligible to practice United States Immigration Law in front of All Immigration Courts and with the United States Department of Homeland Security.  Check with your local Attorney regulation board to determine if the person you are working with is a licensed attorney.

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El abogado que te ayude debe tener un título de la barra de abogados de algún estado.

No le creas a alguien que te diga que ya hay un nuevo programa de inmigración. No confíes en alguien que te diga que te puede garantizar un permiso de trabajo, una visa o una tarjeta de residencia/mica. Si sospechas fraude, repórtalo a tu consulado o a la policía.