Immigration in the News

In January President Donald Trump assumed presidential office. With any new President, the administration and political climate changes. We at The Law Office of Stephanie Grewe, LLC understand the fears and uncertainty that many of our clients are facing now. Although we do not have a crystal ball to see how immigration is changing, we are committed to ensuring that we safeguard our clients best interests in any of their immigration matters. We encourage everyone to work with a qualified immigration attorney, to ask questions, and to remain calm and understanding. If you have any questions about your immigration case, or how things are evolving in the United States we encourage you to call for an initial consultation. We are offering low cost initial consultations for anyone who has fears about their immigration case, and we always offer payment plans.

Prayer for the Immigrant 

O Jesus, who in the very first days of Thine earthly life wast compelled,  together with Mary,  Thy loving Mother,  and Saint Joseph,  to leave Thy native land and to endure in Egypt the misery and discomforts of poor emigrants,  turn Thine eyes upon our brethren,  who, far away from their dear country  and from all that is dear to them,  are not infrequently constrained to struggle  with the difficulties of a new life,  and who are likewise often exposed to grave dangers  and snares for their immortal souls.
Be Thou their guide in their uncertain journey,  their help in trouble,  their comfort in sorrow;  keep them safe in their faith,  holy in their lives,  and faithful to their children,  their wives, and their parents;  grant, O Lord, that we may be able to embrace them affectionately  once more in their native land,  and hereafter to live inseparably united to them  at the foot of Thy throne in our heavenly country.